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Chestnut Hill Community School - Batting Cage


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Facility Area Information

59 State Street
Belchertown, MA 01007



Go to the pole next to the walkway, behind the right field softball fence.

  1. Open the box on the pole with your key
  2. Flip breaker labeled” batting cage” (BC)
  3. Lock the box back up

At the batting cage, there is a metal container. Inside there is an extension cord, plug it into the outlet on the back of the scoreboard pole. (Make sure the lever on the pole is in the on position)

  1. Plug the other end of the cord into pitching machine.
  2. The wrench attached to the key adjusts the pitching machine from baseball to softball and vise-versa.
  3.  Inside the metal container are the helmets and balls. You must provide your own bat.

You must return equipment to the metal container when finished, lock the container & batting cage gate, shut off circuit breaker and re-lock box.

Lastly, Drop off key at the Belchertown Recreation Department Office IMMEDIATELY after use (drop off slot-after hrs, side door)


  1. Only an Adult can operate the pitching machine
  2. Run machine BEFORE putting batter in cage to adjust height and speed of ball
  3. Only 1 child/batter at a time allowed in cage
  4. A helmet MUST be worn

No Drugs, smoking and/or alcohol on premises
No glass containers in or around cage
Pick up all trash


Fee Schedule

$15.00 per hour

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